public awareness, communications and development

Communication Strategies and Services                    

  • AhYaad Communications utilises traditional development communication strategies in combination with modern communication techniques to guide our treatment of your communication needs.
  • Ah Yaad designs strategies according to your needs.
  • AhYaad designs and develops a range of products to support public awareness, education and training needs.  

Environmental Communication for Activism

  •  AhYaad develops and utilises tools for activism as a way to promote community intervention and behaviour change.
  • AhYaad designs community intervention strategies that uses persuasion, education and information to promote participation at all levels
  • AhYaad develops programmes for communicating disasters and hazards
  • AhYaad plans and implements hands-on disaster/hazard communication training for journalists and disaster management practitioners.
  • AhYaad targets interventions via qualitative and formative research method and conducts product testing 

Public Awareness, Education and Outreach

  • AhYaad develops a range of programmes for community outreach, community interventions, education and training.
  • AhYaad designs and develops training and educational materials, interactive games, storybooks, calendars to support communication, education and training.
  • AhYaad plans and organise and conduct workshop and training sessions
  • AhYaad are experts in curriculum development and lesson design and planning