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Who We Are...

  AhYaad Communications represents more than 85 years of education and communication experience int he US and Caribbean. Our expertise spans all areas of communications and all media - radio, television, print and the Internet. For us, there is no one-size-fits-all communication strategy.

AhYaad draws its expertise from a bank of associates covering academia, science, journalism, ICT, communications, education, product development, film, video and broadcast from 80 countries to carry out our assignments.

AhYaad will, from time-to-time, accept projects from developers who are seeking information and advise on suitable areas for development within Jamaica and the Caribbean. Talk to us. 

  • AhYaad provides training and communication services for the science, agriculture and health and environment sector; early age learning (early childhood communication).
  • AhYaad plans and delivers workshops and training programmes for ICT, media and communication professionals
  • AhYaad provides products of all description to suit your needs and message.
  • AhYaad aims to translate and simplify scientific information to promote understanding, action and behaviour change. 

AhYaad is working to build awareness among community groups to better prepare them to enhance their way of life through community self-help, education and networking. The organisation is committed to the building of sustainable communities and are working to support like minded communicators through our work.

AhYaad will help you to determine your ICT needs and help you to optimise your ICT Tools and Communication objectives.

AhYaad PAE Channel has a collection of educational videos. Click on Blog for additional material. We continue to build the resource.


AhYaad Communications is associated with the Rome-based GreenAccord Cultural Association .

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