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Communicating the Environment -- January 2015.

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Course for communication officers from ngo’s working with communities/NGO’s environmental organisations


This course is designed to equip participants from NGOs and CBOs (Community

Based Organisations) to plan and utilise strategically selected communication

tools and media products to support effective policy‐making, public participation

and project implementation in awareness, outreach activities and behaviour

change strategies in environmentally sensitive areas.

The course will explore theoretical concepts of communication and examine current practises. It also aims to engage participants in various approaches to

the issues, terminology and concepts. Participants are expected use the available expertise to help them to develop some documents and tools they will use in their communities.


Date: January 19 to 30

Location: Manchester, JAMAICA


DURATION:  Two weeks

The course is divided into two components:

1) Theory

2) Practical

It comprises classroom delivery and field trips to enhance knowledge and

provide practical hands‐on experience.


Course Fees and miscellaneous charges

Course Cost US $4,000

Registration Fee: US$50

Late Registration: US$30

Registration: Sept 24, 2014. A late registration fees applies thereafter

We will consider last minute registration at a cost of $100 due to the requirement of high rush fees for one or 3‐day application for services. There is additional costs associated with apprenticeships.


Fees include:

 Accommodation and meals;

 Airport transfers

 Field Trips

Deposit 50% at Registration balance two weeks before the course starts.

(Organisations with two or more participants‐ ask about shared costs savings.)



In section one, participants are introduced to various communication strategies,

tools and methods that provide a base for the improved planning of outreach and

awareness activities. The participant will be taught how to select the tools and

customise them for specific uses.

Section 1:

   1) Introduction to Development Communication

   2) Communicating your environment/situations

   3) Effective Communication Strategies

   4) Introduction to Social Marketing

   5) Selecting Communication Tools

        a. ‐Designing your messages

        b. ‐Defining your audiences

Section: 2

   1) Designing public awareness tools

   2) Designing your media strategies/ tools

   3) Basics of Photography and Graphic Design

   4) Writing workshops

        a. ‐Writing effective press releases

        b. ‐Human‐interest stories as a media tool

        c. ‐Media briefs

   5) Outreach and Awareness tools

   6) Field trips‐ allow participants to use strategies developed in Section 1 and

      collect information that will be used in Section 2

   7) Public Relations Tools Workshop (2‐4 hours)

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